How Long O Lord Will Thou Look on? Come Avenged Righteous Blood!!

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

     -Article… UK national union of teachers says LGBTO lifestyle be promoted to children starting at Age 2 article… now you can see why Holy Spirits deem this wicked movement as the genocide of the genesis man, marriage, why there's a command to finish all schools, come out, come out come out!

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     -And I Heard In My Hearing,  get ye to repentant  alters, God is now avenging martyred blood," 04/19/2017, (the fulfillment of God's Wine Press, set to end 10' of millions, On The Map). Apb 
    -And I Heard In My Hearing, kill all parents by, finish all schools, 2016, (see Target, see transgender restroom brawls),, beware, Apb
     -And I Heard In My Hearing, "99 bowls of molten lava, 2016, (see Dutchsinse, see 99 simultaneous volcano eruptions) Apb 

    Dutchsinse as a word 02/27/2017, Now Enters More Activity, Around Super Volcanoes

And they Were Told To Rest Just A Little While Until Their Brethren Suffer Martyrdom,

Overwhelmed, Let Everything That Hath Breath Praise His Holy Name

    -And I’m telling you what I saw, like John describes, Rev. 20, the Lamb's book of life was open, and a roll call was being made out of it's divine pages, every time a name was summoned, I witnessed as it would rise miraculously out of this ancient scroll, long-playing as it fitter and floated away into heavenly places. I think I now know why the census taking into the Bride's come glorification was so physically overwhelming, do you all want to guess how many names are written in the Lambs book of life?
-Remarkably, from the first Adam into the second Adam's Bride Resurrection pending every nan-o-second, we're talking a sum of some six thousand years now. Further, imagine, even this heaven-sent having to sit through the recognition of every, individual record keeping, every, that experience alone is marvelously surrealistic. Amazing mom, the Juttah (Genesis), Marriage Worshipers are right, they show you the most extraordinary things. Only Kars because they find me like the prophets of old, to the Apostles of Christ, that's trustworthy, so imagined how shocked the early disciples, also referred to as Jesus' Holy Apostles, having with Him, laid the foundation, when Jesus explained, they'd not chosen Him, but rather, He'd chosen them and not even the gates of hell would prevail.
-The apostle Paul, who testified of being in the paradise of God, whether in or out of his body, he could not tell, then crafted, how eyes hath not seen, nor ears heard. That neither hath it entered into the hearts of man the things that God hath prepared for those who love Him, I remind you who also crafted, nothing can separate us from the love of God, not willing that any perish. Which you guys, remind me, I'm sitting listening to Selah, when an unfamiliar song come on, and it is heavens throne phenomena, I couldn't stop listening to it. No doubt Mother the answer to your prayers, remember, music so spirit filled Holy Spirit would want to join you here, alovely reminder, Agurus son,” causing her to remember heavens host this offer of being so anxious to join her here, this earth.
-So I stop everything, I glance this video, it's featured in Africa, with animals and playing children, I imagined are the same ones I witnessed playing under the huge, winding, pearl staircase to God's Throne; Africa you guys, what your mom think was once Eden's Paradise Garden. It's by a big daddy weave and it's entitled, overwhelmed, you all get it? Just like the celebrated opening of the Lamb's book of life, now this unspeakable roll call, totally overwhelming into incapacitating my mind, heart, body and soul. You do mom then know everything is then finished, nothing is left sadly but the great white throne judgment, yes darling son Heus, regretfully I know that as well."     >>>"You seen it, you read the latest by Michael Sndyer? How all the more Christians, and wherever, however Christianity is simulated will be all the more targeted by the terrorist? Which Milla," as one patiently buttering to jelly his toasted bagel, along a sip of a yet hot cup. here the breakfast table, joined by wife Camilla, and son Spirit River and Nephew Christopher, with a stunning sunlight sparkling all around them. "All the more proof of the times we're in, right? Most look at a post like this and they see something truly awful, and so it is, I, I Mill, I see the terrible, wonderful cross, this authentic Beauty and the Beast. 
     "Even the Marriage Supper,of the Lamb and not even Hell, (LGTBQ and P for pedophile), or some would say high water Mill will prevail against Them. Jesus, the living truth told us from the beginning how all gone before us were thieves and robbers, that we look through a mirror darkly, thus a version of reality man's corrupt heart. damned. Whereas Maaseiah dream of Syed Farook, a future terrorism now come until Christ's Feet again sat the mound of Olivet, another by a phenom of a demo by Holy Spirits she's as well been, is all the more proof, how deadly is the rejecting God's whole Armor, the Blood of Jesus Christ." 
     -"I Father, Mother Camilla, I seen a young Stephen, his worse trials and panic, instead look up and witness heaven open, that a now risen Jesus isn't only reigning in heaven, but He's standing at the right hand of the Ancient Elohim, Hallowed Father, God. Though you think that alone loving Parents, brother is astonishing, being punished by a stoning, accused of blasphemy, all around him. That what Stephen is yet to see, is this multitude of angels just waiting to deliver Him Heir with Christ there; especially a belligerent Saul of Tarsus will never, ever again be right in his own heart of thinking. 
     -I'm sons, wife, reminded of God explaining to the prophet Isaiah, and to Maaseiah here lately behind a silence in heaven, how His People perisheth, and no man lay it to heart, how merciful men are being lost as though none consider the righteous are taken out of the evil to come. That descending evil as forewarning of Maaseiah by a sobbing, long suffering Father God, crying  aloud to all rebellious supervision, (Pedophiles, Popes, Presidents, Preachers, and Parents (all wicked overseers), "let my people go," is all as Gabriel 2004, forewarn, now come, beware, beware, beware!
     -"Supreme Mill, sons, also like Stephen gone, existing and futuristic is taking His off this planet, whether it be by nature, the vain persistent sword or the great gathering of Saints, the greatest insult to religious since recruiting the Apostle Paul. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb hath made itself ready and all bidden are being gathered off this planet, those like a Lazarus sleeping in Christ first. As in likeness those of us Mill, sons at this very nan-o-second alive and standing firm God's Promises who are all the more at blazing heights, soaring amidst the clouds, the sky and the heavenly bodies. We're getting ourselves to divine Bridegroom before Resurrected Bride is to truly realize the Jubilee of all Heavenly celebration is now the happiest of all days ever gone before or here after. 
     -"Truly, let everything that hath breath praise his holy name. Mill. Everything! Again God this beauty, Lucifer, now cast down from heaven. This unforeseen mutiny, forever, until he himself is cast into the lake of fire, the beast, and men who just don't get it don't want to. Regardless, Light Hath Come,thus the great white throne judgment follows all their death and dying, amen, beware all the time." Why Speak in Parables? For the heathen say, the Lord seeth us not, the Lord is ascended from the earth, I saw the transgressor and was grieved, because he kept not thy word," Apb, The RAM, see more here,    

     Listening To Overwhelmed, by Big Daddy Weave, :, I Love This Song I imagined  it was the worship throughout the throne of heaven doing the opening  of the Lamb's Book Of Life, Roll Call To Census Taking, Love GOD, despite all deception, He alone Is Worthy, woe, woe, and woe to all whose names wasn't written in the Lamb's Book Of Life, again woe!>>>


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